Our Story

Hello! Welcome to our place of joy! 

Even as a young girl, I dreamed of fashion and bling. After spending a long and fulfilling career as a registered nurse and discovering an entrepreneurial spirit and talents along the way, God has led me to a beautiful place where I can now share all of my favorite things with you! I am grateful for the love and support of my amazing husband, Stewart, in this start up; together, we’ve had YOU on our hearts throughout the entire planning process!

Our desire is to offer you quality, fun, and affordable merchandise to put your best foot forward daily and remind you of your special contribution to the world! Here you'll find a comfy, cozy collection of tees and sweats that celebrate your faith and positive attitude, as well as a plethora of on-trend clothing and accessories to complement or stand alone. Our items are perfect for that perfect statement gift, as well. You’ll even find a link to my recently published book which is a helpful guide on praying for your husband, which may be the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know!

We specialize in items that are handmade, made in the USA, and/or made with a great purpose in mind, and we want to share all these stories with you! All of our curated designs reflect the daily metamorphosis of women and the many roles that we carry. You'll find items to make you smile, refresh your joy, and quickly help you tie it all together to tackle your day! And, you'll have the opportunity to get to know Pearl and Penny, the inspiration behind our name! Pearl and Penny are our beloved puppers and will be reppin' to help you choose styles, curate outfits, and just make you laugh! :)

I hope you enjoy and share in our passion to celebrate daily a love for Jesus, and to shine as the bright light He intended you to be. We have many surprises planned for you as we roll out our boutique to the world; please be patient as we get started and learn the ropes! 


Pearl, Penny, and Kim

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