Helper Rescuer Defender Book

Imagine a world in which there is a huge rising up of godly women who are drawing closer to God, experiencing spiritual growth along with their husbands, and moving mountains of marital difficulties because of learning how to be the helper that God intended them to be! Imagine that you are one of those women! There is power and promise in your prayers. This book serves as an inspiration for wives who want to lift their husbands through prayer, but often don't know how to start or what to say. Inside you’ll find ways to prepare your heart and mindset, exemplary prayers that you can make personal, multiple scriptures for inspiration, and thoughtful questions.
If you are a wife or soon-to-be wife of any age, any stage of life, any level of faith, then this book is for you. God longs to see your heart loving and cherishing your husband through prayers; prayers that God loves to answer.